How to try out the mobile client prototypes (UPDATE: Apps in both mobile App Stores)

Apps are in both App Stores now.

You can get the Android app from the Play Store now!

(updated 10/25/19)

This is pretty easy!

For iOS, it’s a lot more complicated because you have to build it yourself right now.
There are instructions here:
Building and running iOS Client on your Phone Instructions

Post here if you run into any problems with the instructions.

These are very alpha right now – there are some pretty significant visual bugs in them. But we are working on them and you can try it out if you want to make mobile stuff on Castle.

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The Android app is submitted to the Play Store but stuck in review.

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I hope the process doesn’t take super long

new android APK is out. just updated original post.

udpating post bc app is in the play store now!

apps are in both app stores now so go get 'em there.